Why not check out published articles about Outitude and the Irish lesbian community?

Gaze Audience Award 2018

Check out the article in GCN after Outitude won the GAZE audience award at its premiere in 2018 based on an interview with Sonya and Ger.

Ger Reflects on Outitude

“The most important thing we have learned to date from our journey with our documentary Outitude is how important it is for lesbians to see themselves reflected on screen”… GCN magazine

Irish Lesbian Politics & Community

This article from 1997 provides an overview of concepts and research relating to Lesbian and gay people in Ireland, and a description of the some of the forms of lesbian organizing in Ireland in the 1990s, including Lesbian Lines and Lesbians Organizing Together (LOT).

Sexuality Spectrum

This article from 2015 was written at the time of the Marriage Equality referendum and describes the sexuality spectrum based on research in psychology.

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